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Episode XI: Nameless

At oWo ❤️, we provide a stable, friendly, and engaging game environment with features catering to many different facets of playing styles. Whether you're someone who enjoys collecting headgears or a competitive enthusiast, there's something awaiting you in-game!

Jobs available:

  • Transcendence classes

Experience Rates:

  • Base: 100x
  • Job: 100x
  • MVP: 100x

Drop Rates:

  • Normal Monster: 100x
  • MVP Monster: 50x


  • Field Manual (3)
  • Light white potion
  • Baby Gibbet Hat (costume)
  • Enhanced Mink Coat
  • Enhanced Muffler
  • Enhanced Shoes
  • Enhanced Shield


  • Unlimited Mission - Just take on the Monster Hunting Challenge, there's no time limit to kill the monsters. If you managed to kill them all, you will receive a cash point. Use @mission:accept to begin.
  • Poring Shop - Killing monsters gives you a chance to loot Poring Coin.
  • Iranium - It will give you 1 point for each card you have exchanged.
  • Token Quest
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